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Automated Optical Inspector (AOI)    HL-LX-520iL

Shanghai Holly Electronics Co.,Ltd is an industry-leading supplier of Automated Optical Inspection system. Holly is committed to designing, researching & developing, and manufacturing the AOI products, and doing the sales, installation and service for the products. The LT (LonTium) Series AOI (Automated Optical Inspector) that the company produces is capable of high speed and accurate inspection, statistics, and analysis of various of appearance defects in PCBA (Printed Circuit Board Assembly) process of SMT (Surface Mounted Technology) field. It is very beneficial in enlarging the throughput, improving the product quality, perfecting the manufacturing process. Consequently it can create potential value growth for the customers.

Product Features

  Original DISP Technology (Dynamic multi-frame Images Seamless Patchwork)

     It has renovated the traditional way which industry operates, and firstly has achieved dynamic seamless patchwork of multi-frame Images of the entire PCB.

     It enables the real time display of entire PCB images, thus it brings the maximum convenience and simplicity for making inspection program and verifying defects alarm.

  Innovative GPU Parallel Operation technology instead of the traditional CPU operation

     It has filled the industry blank, and firstly adopt GPU Parallel Operation technology in machine vision industry. It enormously reduced the image processing time.

     It puts the Global Pattern Match for Entire PCB Image into the reality. Therefore, this product can assist to inspect the Extra-Component or Solder Ball in random place of the PCB.

  Advanced VISTA Operating System with its core technology-DX10

     System software successfully achieved easy and visulized VISTA style interface and prompt operation mode.

     Due to the visualized, easy, flexible, and broad system software, the way of making program has been dramatically simplized, and since then, it has become to be no longer complicated or tough.

  Optimized Combination of ultra high resolution Image Capturing System and high precision Mechanism Driving System

     It ensures the accurate and stable inspection capability on the micro-size components such as 01005 chip component and 0.3mm fine pitch size IC lead.

     The inspection efficiency and repeatibility has been plentifully enhanced.

Inspection Items:

Post-Reflow Missing, Excess, Solder Ball, Shift, Billboard, Tombstone, Reverse, Polarity, Wrong, Broken, Bridge, Dryjoint, Wrong Mark, No Solder, Insufficient Solder, Excess Solder, Chip Lift, IC Lead Lift, IC Lead Bent, XY offset data output, etc.
Pre-Reflow Missing, Excess, Shift, Billboard, Reverse, Polarity, Wrong, Broken, Bridge, Dust, Wrong Mark, XY offset data output, etc.
Post-Printer No Paste, Insufficient Paste, Excess Paste, Shift, Bridge, Dust, Scratch, etc.


Product Model HL-LX-520iL
Applicable PCB Applicable Process Post-Reflow Pre-Reflow Post-Printer
PCB Size 50x50 mm ~ 520x480 mm
PCB Thickness 0.3 mm ~ 4 mm
PCB Warp Tolerance +/- 3 mm (Support Pins as standard for conquering PCB warpage.)
PCB Clearance Above PCB: 40mm; Below PCB: 40mm
Vision System Camera System Color Digital Camera
Lighting System LED Lighting (Coaxial + Multi-degree Side Lighting)
Resolution 13,16,19 um
Inspection Method Color Calculation, Color Extraction, Gray Scale Calculation, Image Comparison, Entire PCB Pattern Match, OCV, etc.
Mechanism System X/Y Driving System AC Servo Motor + Precision-Ball Screws
X/Y Resolution 1 um
Positioning Repeatability 8 um
Moving Speed 830 mm/s (Max)
Rail Adjustment Manual
Software System Operating System Windows VISTA
Interface Language Chinese/English Optional Interface
Inspection Result Output Board ID, Board Name, Component Name, Defect Name, Image, etc.
Option Parts Offline Programming System, SPC System, Barcode Recognition System, etc.
Power Supply AC220V10%, 50/60HZ, 1KW
Operating Temperature 10 to 40
Operating Humidity 10 to 85% RH (No Condensing)
Product Weight 200 Kg
Dimensions (W)878mm x (D)1032mm x (H)736mm
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