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AOI Industry Background and Current Status

Industry Background
In PCBA (Printed Circuit Board Assembly) industry of SMT (Surface Mounted Technology) field, the micromation and compression of the components is the industry trend for all the while. The traditional sight check by naked eyes has become to be impossible to complete the consistent and reliable inspection for the high-density mounted components, and it is impossible to keep the accurate inspection record. On account of that, AOI (Automated Optical Inspector) came into being. Now more and more PCBA factories have already gradually installed AOI (Automated Optical Inspector) system on their product lines, in order to achieve the target of enlarging the throughput, improving the product quality, reducing the repair cost, and perfecting the manufacturing process. AOI is capable of providing more repeatable and accurate inspections in PCBA process and realized the electronic storage, release and analysis for the inspection results data. With those advantages, AOI has improved the throughput, accuracy and reliability of PCB assembly; especially, the product yield rate has also been dramatically improved.

Product Classification
Based on the different installation process, AOI (Automated Optical Inspector) can be classified as after-printer AOI, pre-reflow AOI, post-reflow AOI, and General-Type AOI. After-printer AOI is installed just behind the paste printer, and it is mainly used to inspect the quality and status of the paste printing. According to the differences of the inspection function, after-printer AOI can also be classified into 2D AOI and 3D AOI. 2D AOI is capable of inspecting the area of the solder paste, while 3D AOI also can inspect the volume of the solder paste. The 3D AOI is also named as SPI (Solder Paste Inspector). Pre-reflow AOI is installed just behind the chip picker & placer or multi-function picker & placer. It is mainly used to inspect the status of the placement of the components. Post-reflow AOI is installed behind the reflow-oven or wave-oven, which is mainly applied to inspect both the status of placement and solder. Just as its name implies, general-type AOI can be flexibly used in any above-mentioned process, and can complete all the above-mentioned tasks.
Based on the different application way, AOI (Automated Optical Inspector) can be classified as inline AOI, and offline AOI. Inline AOI is installed in the production line, and it can enable the real time inspection. While the offline AOI is not installed inside the production line, which could flexibly inspect the PCBs from several production lines. Offline AOI contains the inline AOI which is applied as offline usage, and desktop AOI.

Current Status
Because of the difference of the designing concept and R&D time, at present AOI products and market are very messy, fraudulent, and not unified. For most of the products, the actual application is not ideal enough. The AOI product itself is not mature, stable and complete yet. Most of the foreign expensive AOI product imported by domestic factory does not work perfectly after the installation and application in domestic factory, because its designing concept might only suit for its simple operation mode and thinking mode in its domestic country. For some of the foreign AOI products, their designing concept and logics are very complicated and messy, and R&D time is also relatively earlier. It caused that the interface of those application software are also very ancient and old, messy, and non-software-standardization. To make inspection program is almost as difficult as to do ¡°Second Development¡±. It will take 3 or 4 days to make a stable inspection program, and it also needs to do the continuous maintenance for this program. These AOI products are only suitable for its domestic application as only in the "High Volue, Low Mix" factory. It's almost impossible for the customer engineer to grasp the way of making inspection program and debugging in the short time. Consequently, these kind of foreign AOIs are always idle and spare in the factories, or just be used as the conveyors in production line.
There are also some of the AOI suppliers those puff and flatter its specification of the mechanism accuracy and image resolution. It brings the big gap between the suppliers' advertising and actual inspection results, and it brings the very big puzzle and disappointment to the local factory.
In the recent years, it also appears some so-called "Easy Program, Auto Program, or even Non Program" AOI products in both the domestic and global market. After careful observation and analysis, actually the inspection methods of these AOI are very simple, short and deficient. Most of these AOIs has the obvious limitation in inspection methods, just has the single "Image Comparison" or "Color Extraction". Therefore, actually the so-called "Easy Program" AOI has lost most of the inspection capabilities.

Holly LonTium Series AOI
Facing the growing competitive AOI market, and non-unified competitors, Shanghai Holly Electronics Co.,Ltd. is courageously facing challenges straightly, and doing things innovatively, and has introduced the Holly LonTium Series AOI which has renovated the conventional way that the industry operates. Holly insists on regarding scientific and technical innovation as the core concept. Holly takes it as the market lead to create the added value for the customer. To attract people with the novel & unique, practical & effective function, and to affect people with the honest, and diligent attitude, Holly will constantly improves the synthesized competitiveness of enterprises.
The nationality would be inspired, only if the national-made products should constantly strive to be stronger. Holly strengthens the strategic objective to build up national flagship brand of AOI as Holly's own duty. We will always insist its core concept as independent innovation "Innovation creates the opportunities. Innovation will be started from us. To create those others does not have, to innovate those others have, and to perfect those others strengthen". Holly strongly believes that ¡°True gold does not fear fire¡±, and we also firmly believe customer's eyes are bright, and customer's judgments should be correct eventually. Holly welcomes all the customers to inspect, evaluate, choose and order Holly LonTium Series AOI wholeheartedly.
Holly LonTium Series AOI, which is committed to build up national flagship brand of AOI, holds all compatriots' dream and hope. We strongly believe that Holly Lontium Series AOI absolutely could "Penetrate all defects, and inspect all issues clearly for estimable clients, Foresee times' change, and building brilliant & grand era via cooperating with worship customers."

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